Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bon Voyage?

Bon Voyage is a brand new event with an International Flair which brings you this exact experience. Grab your passport and hop on that airplane! Occurring every three to four months, Bon Voyage brings you on an exciting new journey to a different destination each round. Designers will be asked to prepare items relating to this destination’s culture and heritage.

Are you looking for Designers & Bloggers?

Yes! Currently we are looking for designers as well as bloggers. Please click the Apply link in our Navigation bar and select the appropriate application. The deadline for all applications is June 1st.

Are you looking for more Staff Members?

Currently our staff team is full! If we are looking to add anyone to our team, you will most likely hear about it through facebook, or flickr.

Who can I contact for help or questions?

For questions you can contact any of our staff members in-world or use the Contact Form on our website.
Our Staff members are as follows:

Maxwell (bodytothestars resident) // Owner
Jade (Jade Composer) // Co-Owner
Shiny (Shiny Bubble) // Blogger Manager
Late (Late Billig) // Event Manager/Support
Nile (nileaustin resident) // Event Manager/Support
Helli ( Thanako resident) // Event Manager/Support


What is the theme of the event?

The theme of the event changes every round. Each round, a destination is chosen, where we will “fly to.” and explore this destinations culture. Our first destination is Japan!  We have some really cool destinations picked out for you guys, but we also have some super cool fun rounds planned which will put your creative abilities to the test. What kind of fun rounds, you ask? You’ll just have to stick around and see!

Help! The sim is full.

During the first few days of any event, traffic will most likely be at an all time high. This is perfectly normal. Sometimes the assistance of a teleport hud helps, but sometimes it may be your best bet to try and come back in a few days.

I bought a gacha item from a yardsale/marketplace and it’s missing/broken!

We as well as our designers, are not responsible for third-party purchases made from yardsales or marketplace. Purchase these items at your own risk. Any problems with third-party purchases, must be handled by the third party seller. Please be careful when making these purchases.

I did not receive my purchased item!

Sometimes lag gets the best of us, or we accidentally decline purchases. Do NOT contact Bon Voyage staff about these issues. Please make sure to check the designer’s profile for their policies on these matters. Many designers may have redelivery terminals in their main stores.